Geocaching in Mackay

...and why our DNFs here were the best!

With Duke the Sprinter now fully completed, we started to take our road trip a little more seriously, darting up the coast to the beautiful, and surprisingly busy town of Mackay.

After a couple of days of lounging around, we finally built up enough energy to make a dent in the geocache population. Very quickly, we realised that one day would never be enough to sample the diverse, colourful collection of caches here.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a town FULL of geocaches, with every size, difficulty and terrain to suit any style of cacher.

Interestingly, we’ve never seen such a high concentration of TB hotels in such a small area. You might think that’s meaningless when most aren’t hosting guests, but we’ll never complain about a decent sized cache.

We never got the chance to meet any of the local cachers, but it was nice to see the community is quite active in maintaining their geocaches. Finder’s logs noted their quick replacements of logbooks, and owner’s seem to be just as fast to provide regular maintenance.

Our only regret is that we didn’t take more time to fully experience what Mackay’s geocaching community has to offer.

Below are some of our favourites, two of which are caches we failed to find:

Mackay’s “Reverse Cache” Whereigo


This cache worked as a ‘reverse cache box’, where the cartridge tells you how far away from the container you are, but not the direction. This is an awesome style of puzzle, and relatively easy once you’ve worked out a system. The reason we never managed to find it is because we left it until the last minute to attempt, before realising we’d come at the wrong time of day to actually complete it.

Though, from a distance, the cache’s hiding spot looked pretty damn cool. I can’t say more for fear of ruining it for you, but you’ll understand what we mean should you ever decide to give it a go.

The locally infamous “Bungo


This difficulty 4.0 reminded us of the Gold Coast’s “Rocket” (GC6WXYP) — a cache famous for never being found. “Bungo“, however, has been beaten; which may or may not be worse, as the defeat stings a little more when you know it can be done. Still, as I’m sure you can all relate, we went there with an optimistic cockiness, sure we’d be one of the teams to find it.

Two smaller egos later; the quiet view of the ocean and the chance to log a DNF on another famously elusive cache was well worth the trip to this part of Mackay.

And lastly, “A Time To Fish


While this cache is a field-puzzle we’ve seen before, it’s always a fun one - creating a touch of competitiveness as you take turns trying to reach the deceptively hard-to-grab container. Without giving too much away, this cache is great to tackle with the kids, or if you’re feeling a little deflated after a DNF.

Mackay not only gave us a fun caching experience, but plenty more reasons to return.

Have you beaten "Bungo"? Or perhaps you've got your own favourites from Mackay?

Let us know!

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