Meet Our Geo-Dogs!

This week we’re at - Benarkin State Forest

Caches found this week - 4

We love camping. So does our dog, Diego. Our other dog, Jasper, does not.

Have you ever seen a dog tippy-toe across mud? Or glare at you from the car as he watched the invasion of magpies into your campsite?

Jasper & Diego

Next year, in April, we’re planning to take a year off work to travel the country, ticking another thing off our bucket list. This will, of course, include a lot of remote camping and bush exploration (and hopefully plenty of challenging new geocaches).

To prepare our dogs for a life on the road, we’ve been trying to get our ‘inside dogs’ used to the idea of being more ‘outside dogs’.

Diego makes the most of his time in the outdoors

Our scruffy little Diego has welcomed the change with open arms. He’s always loved coming on hearty adventures when it’s been logical to take him. In fact, I’ve never seen him more happy than the moments after he’s found something dirty or decaying to roll in.

Jasper, our perky eared princess is anything but excited. This weekend, he made it his personal mission to bark at anything - person, dog or wind - and embarrass us into packing up early. But don’t worry, he rewarded himself for his efforts with a nice long nap.

I won't lie, he’s getting better. In the beginning, it was a struggle to get him close to a stream. Now, he’ll get his feet wet as he watches his brother explore.

He used to prefer the safety of our lap or the enclosed room of our tent. This time, he begged to run outside, protecting his dirt covered treats from the encroaching possums. And while his loud protests about his temporary living conditions caused us to sneak home early; we are seeing more moments of quiet enjoyment. Slowly, his barks are becoming more about his enjoyment than his dismay, and as his confidence in the outdoors gets stronger, our reluctant camper is becoming a little more adventurous. Thankfully.

And look, we have plenty more months of training and geocaching left before we take the plunge, but we're confident that we’ll make a bush-baby outta him yet.

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