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Tof is a geocaching explorer from France, sharing his many adventures and caching recommendations on his blog. It’s hard not to get lost (and a little jealous) as we read about his visits to stunning and sometimes challenging geocaches.

With his permission, we’re about to share a translated version of our favourite Tof adventure - geocaches hidden high in the Vanoise massif and Alps Grées mountain ranges. So grab a warm drink, find a comfy seat, and get ready to join Tof on an epic geocaching experience, complete with some amazing views!

Aiguille Pers (3386m) GC7B1HD

The first hike of the week to warm up, test the new shoes, acclimatize to the altitude...and rain forecast for the afternoon! The Aiguille Pers was the perfect candidate - 700 meters of vertical drop in 1 hour & 40 minutes - in good shape despite the slight lack of oxygen while climbing. As indicated in the description of the cache, the stop is actually not pleasant for people who get vertigo like me, but it's wide enough. Panorama was a little clogged at the top, but the pleasure of returning to the mountains is intact!

Rocher de la Davie (3157m) GC7BJNQ

A beautiful climb with a view overlooking Lake Chevril and Tignes! There was some difficulties finding the way, but with the topos, the waypoints of Pierrot, and traces of the Trekmaniacs, it goes well. No big problems, climbed in 3 hours & 15 minutes and down in about 2 hours. The view of the Grande Sassière is dreamy. There was an unusual moment at the top when a rather old guy in a bathing suit arrived?!? With a crazy pace, too...even though it was still a little frozen in places!

Aiguille de la Grande Sassière (3747m) GC6RGVR

The Aiguille de la Grande Sassière, solo, with its cache at 3747m - it's done, how wonderful! It was my grail of hike-caching since its publication. My friend Vilcanota had proposed it to me last year, but the storms at the time made the final too snowy. This year, nearby and with sunny weather, it was feasible. There are a few days in the year when the heat wave makes the path completely passable with normal hiking (1500m vertical drop). My friends the Trekmaniacs had done it the week before, so I was able to take advantage of their wise advice.

It was still a big challenge for me - a long climb, a difficult altitude...but it's over! 4 hours of continuous climbing, a small mountain sickness alert at 3500m, a little dizziness and a very long descent where you have to remain vigilant. To my knowledge it's the highest cache in France that I can reach just on a hike with my small means - without climbing, no glacier walk, or cable car! The box placed by the Trekmaniacs is at the top, but I was close to a DNF! Tired but happy... You can see Mont-Blanc from the top, and a large part of the region. Fabulous!

Lake Sassière is also worth a visit to enjoy the scenery while resting

Grand Cocor (3034m) GC7B4T4 and GC7B4TD

Another beautiful summit reached in 3 hours & 45 minutes, and about 1000 meters in altitude. The panorama over France and Italy is magnificent, as well as the gorges and the valley crossings. The link to the top of the Lose was safe, 200m downhill to circumvent the rocky bars!

The summit reached after the Grand Cocor, a summit without a name, can be done 200m down without going through the crest or the rocky bars. Exhausted after a 1200m cumulative elevation with scree covered ground, but I'm happy to have seen two young ibex!

Here's to these splendid places that I appreciate more and more, see you soon for new adventures! - Tof

We’d like to thank Tof for letting us share his adventure. If you’d like to see more from this awesome cacher, be sure to check out his blog, and don't forget to follow him on Instagram!

Thanks for reading, and happy caching!

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