You Know You're A Geocacher When...

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

If you’re here, you probably already know you’re a geocacher. Simply put, a geocacher is somebody, anybody who hunts for geocaches.

But humor us here, because if you can relate to most of these, it’s a sure-fire indication you’re definitely a seasoned geocacher!

You know you're a geocacher when...

You play the “I-bet-there’s-a geocache-there” game while passing through an area.

As you’re approaching GZ, you might not be able to see the cache, but you know exactly where you'll find it.

The words “Original Can of Beans” mean something to you.

Carrying one pen is never enough. No, you have backups, and backups for those, too.

You’ve either pretended to be on a phone call, or taken a photo as part of a stealth mission.

You start to look at containers as potential geocaches.

You’ve often wondered how many muggles have seen you caching and decided you’re doing some sort of drug stash.

You always carry a “geocache repair kit” for those times the log is wet or a container is broken.

You have a jar of swag at home that, to anybody else, looks a like a jar full of cheap toys.

You’ve perfected the art of looking casual while searching an area full of muggles.

Admitting defeat and logging a DNF is still a struggle.

You've put your hand somewhere risky, and breathed a sigh of relief when it's come out in one piece.

You can write your caching name in impossibly small writing.

You carry a carefully curated geocaching kit, which most definitely includes a pair of tweezers.

Travelling to new places = new caches to find.

You love being a part of our secret little community.

You’ve said “that’s not trash, that’s a geocache!” at least once.

And most importantly, you know you’re a geocacher when you get excited by the thought of finding a new cache hidden out in the world.

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